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Smart data for health care - Trendspotting@Lund University

4 February 2020 at 15:00–18:00


Dragons at the University 2020

19 March 2020 at 15:00–18:00


EEEW + EEEA 2020

26–27 March 2020

2020-01-13 Miscellaneous

Professor Allan Gibb has passed away

He received the first European Entrepreneurship Education Award (EEEA) in 2012 a...

2019-12-17 Miscellaneous

David Rae recipient of EEEA 2020

David Rae receives European Entrepreneurship Education Award (EEEA) 2020!

2019-12-12 Research

Distrust and hope characterise innovation collaborations

Different views and values within an organisation can complicate collaborations ...