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Cora Health

Blood pressure app

Cora Health is an alumni company founded by Josef Moser and Melanie Hetzer from the class of 2015/2016.

Cora Health aims to improve the heart health of millions of blood pressure patients. The Cora Health app (available on the App Store) helps users to track their blood pressure and to improve their condition through effective lifestyle interventions.

That’s how it works: Firstly, blood pressure readings are recorded in the Cora Health app. With explanations on the stage of their condition, users can observe the long-term development of their levels. Secondly, Cora Health helps to form heart-healthy habits. Taking the patient’s blood pressure as a base, the app suggests suitable exercises like walking or cycling. By performing these weekly tasks - or challenges, as they are called in the app - the patient is guided towards forming a heart-healthy lifestyle.

On the question “what would you say is the main contributor to succeed in the field of entrepreneurship?” Josef and Melanie say that it is absolutely vital that an entrepreneur can show stamina and not give up when problems arise. The exchange of ideas with people outside the company and especially with potential customers is key to creating a great product that customers are willing to pay for.

Cora Health was named as “one of the most innovative startups of the European health industry” by The Next Web X and nominated for the World Summit Awards 2017 as most innovative national solution in Health & Well-Being.

Read more about Cora Health on its website or download the Cora Health app on the App Store.