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Nattaro Labs

Nattaro Labs is focused on being effective and offer proprietary solutions for the eradication of bedbugs using cutting-edge knowledge in prevention, detection and control of infestations using new non-toxic techniques. Co-founder, Vice President and responsible for Business Development and Marketing/Sales of the company is Christine Jacobsen, alumnus from the Master programme in Entrepreneurship 2011–2012.

The problems with bedbugs are increasing all over the westerns world. The number of sanitary actions against bed bugs has increased by over 1000% since 2007. The situation is the same, or worse, in the rest of the western world. The problem is most significant in the urban areas. The bugs deploy mainly with luggage and its spread is accelerated by overcrowding and a growth in international travels in combination with a lack of knowledge on how to avoid bringing the bedbugs home and how to find them. An aggravating factor and contributor to the problems is that the bedbugs have developed a widespread resistance against most approved insecticides that is used today in pest control. This makes it impossible to use only these insecticides to clear the bugs out. 
Nattaro Labs, founded in 2011, is a biotech-company operating at Medicon Villige in Lund and is a member of Lund Life Science Incubator. The company currently employs 7 people. The business idea is built on unique research on bedbugs by the Pheromone Group at Lund University. In close collaboration with the sanitation industry the company develops, market and sell products developed within the company to provide a way of getting rid of bedbugs in a environmentally friendly and non-toxic way. Nattaro Labs is owned by the founders of the company, Innovationsbron and private investors. The four founders was Camille Ryne (died in Cancer 2012), Carl-Magnus Hansson, Magnus Bäckmark and Christine Dahlman Jacobsen. 
In parallel with starting up the company Christine Dahlman Jacobsen was studying at the Master´s programme in Entrepreneurship at Lund University School of Economics and Management. Through the programme Nattaro labs participated in the Venture Cup 2012 and in Dragons of the University with great success. 
In 2014 Nattaro Labs signed an agreement for cooperation with the sanitation companies Anticimex and Nomor regarding the Nattaro patented product Nattaro Safe, that can be used as a preventive action in exposed areas. 

Nattaro Labs

Christine Jacobsen - Nattaro Labs

Christine Jacobsen and her business idea Nattaro Labs were selected winner at the student competition Dragons at the University 2012.