Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management


Swedish natural wall panel

Reindeer Moss (Cladonia stellaris) grows in the subarctic regions of Sweden, where it survives long, cold and dark periods beneath the snow.

The lichen has an ideal structure for absorbing acoustics. Attached to a wooden tile, Nordgröna provides a sound proof and absorbing panel, 100% natural and made in Sweden.

Key features:

  • Sound-Absorbing: Designed to absorb and isolate sound waves
  • Hygroscopic: Attracts and absorbs moisture from the air
  • Forest Fragrance: The reindeer moss keeps its natural smell
  • Fire-Resistant: Cannot be ignited with a match or candle
  • Dust-Proof: The moss is antistatic so that it repels dust
  • Insect-Free: Doesn’t attract any insects or pathogens
  • Non-Allergenic: The moss panel doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or components
  • Maintenance-Free: No maintenance is required