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European Entrepreneurship Education Workshop 2019


28 - 29 March 2019, Lund 

Since 2012, The Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship arranges the European Entrepreneurship Education Workshop annually. 

The eight edition of the workshop is arranged 28-29 March, 2019 at the Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Entrepreneurial responsibility

As educators in the field of entrepreneurship, we have a significant opportunity to influence our students’ perspectives on what entrepreneurship could be and which roles it can fill in society. Our students can become change makers who contribute to the betterment of society and to the creation of a more sustainable society. Entrepreneurship can be a tool and an approach for this.

The world is facing many challenges; some are documented in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations. Today, those goals are guiding a lot of work done in public and private organisations. They are also, in different ways, guiding our educational system.

During EEEW 2019 we want to discuss which role the Sustainable Development Goals can play in relation to entrepreneurship education. Should they be considered? Which roles do we, as educators, take on? Is it our responsibility to help our students to take a broader view and engage in the big challenges? Should this be an approach in all entrepreneurship courses and programmes or only in those having a specific focus on social entrepreneurship and innovation.


Programme 28-29 March 2019

Programme day 1: 28 March

Venue: Elite Hotel Ideon 

11:30–12:00   Registration 

12:00–13:00   Lunch  

13:00–13:30   Welcome to EEEW 2019, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship 

13:30–14:15    Keynote: Entrepreneurship and sustainability – do we do the right things as educators? Professor Ester Barinaga

14:15–14:30   Short break 

14:30–15:15   Round-table discussion on the topic of entrepreneurship and sustainability including Professor Colette Henry and Associate Professor Per Blenker, coordinated by Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson. 

15:15–15:45   Coffee 

15:45–17:30  Working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in entrepreneurship education – how?
PhD Jasna Poček, formerly legal and social dialogue officer at UN labour agency.

This session elaborates on how to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in entrepreneurship education. We will learn about general concepts related to the SDGs and how to integrate them into our practices when developing learning activities in entrepreneurship education.

15:45–17:30  Parallel session, PhD students registered for this session discuss research with senior researchers in the field and with European Entrepreneurship Education Award recipients.

19:00              Welcome drink at Hypoteket

19:30              Banquet and award ceremony


Programme day 2: 29 March

Venue: Lund University School of Economics and Management

09:00–10:00     Keynote speech by award winner Ulla Hytti - Why more entrepreneurship education is not necessarily better

Countries are implementing policies of increasing entrepreneurship education across their schools at different educational levels. The standard practice is to put emphasis on business practices and competitions, which may produce adverse effects. Alternatively, taking a broad approach in entrepreneurship education risks diluting it to an ideology meaning anything to anyone. Hence, what remains distinctive about entrepreneurship education is called into question

10:00–10:30     Round-table discussion with previous EEEA Laureates Professor Bengt Johannisson and Professor Paula Kyrö related to the keynote speech

10:30–11:00     Coffee 

11:00–12:30     Workshop on entrepreneurial responsibility: Are we as entrepreneurship educators taking responsibility into account when educating, and should we? PhD, Gustav Hägg, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

In this workshop we address entrepreneurial responsibility and its importance for entrepreneurship education and teaching. We will elaborate on teaching cases in smaller groups and discuss how our teaching might influence student behaviour. A takeaway from the workshop will be a nuanced perspective on how to include the role of responsibility into our teaching at different levels.

12:30–13:00     Closing remarks – reflections by Professor Paul Hannon and Professor Helle Neergaard

13:00                Lunch on the go or stay to eat and talk.

Registration and payment

Registration before 22 February means that you will pay the early bird conference fee. Last day to register is 8 March, 2019. 

More information regarding registration and payment. 

Practical information

Workshop venue

Elite Hotel Ideon Gatway

Thursday 28 March

Elite Hotel Ideon
Scheelevägen 27

Kyrkogatan 13

Friday 29 March

Lund University School of Economics and Management
Holger Crafoord Centre
Tycho Brahes väg 1


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