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New pod cast episode out with our PhD student Juan Ocampo

Published: 2020-03-20

On the values of our current and future economic systems and the need for financial inclusion.

Sofie Sandin, Steven Curtis and Juan Ocampo.

Tune in to our PhD student Juan José Ocampo from Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School in the podcast Advancing Sustainable Solutions.

In times of crisis we have the opportunity to reinvent our society. And we need to collaborate. Listen to the new podcast episode of IIIEE - International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, in collaboration with the coordinator Kristina Jönsson and our PhD student Juan Ocampo.

In the episode complementary currencies as a community-tool to incorporate social and environmental values into our economic systems is discussed. PhD students Sofie Sandin, Steven Curtis and Juan Ocampo also highlight the need for financial inclusion to ensure all communities have access to basic needs.
Listen to the podcast eposiode here.

Juan invites us to reflect on the paradigms we sometimes accept, but not always are able to recognize, in his latest blog post.
Read Juan's blogpost here.

We hope you will get inspired to keep discussing the values of our current and future economic systems!