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Working paper published on the effects of immigration on economic growth

Published: 2018-06-12

A literature review investigating current academic literature regarding the effects of immigration on economic growth, productivity, innovation, and trade.

The paper is a part of Growth Analysis’ framework project being carried out during 2017– 18, What can the state do to facilitate knowledge intensive industries’ attraction of international talent?

Claudio Fassio, Researcher at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship recently published a working paper for Tillväxtanalys on the effect of skilled immigration on innovation and trade, together with the co-author Olof Ejermo, Associate professor at Lund University. Fassio and Ejermo were invited by Tillväxtanalys to present the paper at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation in Stockholm on the 13th of April.

The effects of immigration on economic growth – a literature study

Immigration has positive effects on productivity and economic growth. However, highly educated immigrants tend to contribute more to these effects. The literature suggests that immigrants boost Sweden’s performance in international trade but that Sweden may lose out on some of the positive effects of immigration on innovation. In order for Sweden to remain attractive to foreign experts it might be necessary to reassess the Swedish tax relief for this group.

More about the paper at Tillväxtverkets web.

Read the full paper here.

Tillväxtanalys is the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis.