Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet

Entreprenöriella processer

Programme Director: Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson


Introduction to research about entrepreneurial processes

The creation, development, growth and eventual demise of a venture are steps embodied in the entrepreneurial process. The process includes phases such as identifying and evaluating an opportunity – being the very first seed of the new venture, planning, interacting with potential stakeholders, acquiring and handling the needed resources for making the venture come true and taking it to the market, and finally managing the venture. In some cases, however the venture does not make it to the market and is closed down. The entrepreneurial process and the steps involved can be applied to the start-up of an independent venture as well as to the development of a new venture in an established company (corporate venturing).

In the research group at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship we are interested in why and how ventures are created and expanded by entrepreneurs – and sometimes terminated. We share an interest in understanding entrepreneurial process on the venture level, that is to say - our research and analysis is primarily conducted on ventures even if the entrepreneur or intrapreneur her- or himself of course is present and play an important role in the process.

Our perspective on entrepreneurial processes is that they are on-going and they are therefore preferably understood over time using longitudinal studies. We acknowledge that they are not taking place in isolation but are embedded in contexts that, in different ways, influence the process. We also acknowledge the need for extensive (quantitative) as well as intensive (qualitative) studies on entrepreneurial processes, as we believe that the different approaches complement each other and opens up for different types of questions and thereby understandings about the phenomenon.

Several different issues can be focused when studying entrepreneurial processes and the research projects that we at Sten K. Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship are involved in focus on a variety of issues. With our research projects we aim to contribute with knowledge that benefit the international scholarly community as well as actors outside the academic community, i.e. entrepreneurs, established companies, policy makers and actors/organizations supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.