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The Roots of Entrepreneurship Research

Research programme

Programme Director: Hans Landström

The researchers involved within the area are presented in connection with each specific project.

Introduction to research programme

The main statement in this research programme is “History matters in entrepreneurship research!” There are many arguments for this statement:

First, we have a lot of knowledge about entrepreneurship, but early contributions tend to be forgotten rather quickly or becoming condensed into “obligatory” citations in contemporary studies. However, a thorough understanding of past contributions can help researchers to create a necessary knowledge accumulation within the field.

Second, entrepreneurship has a tradition of being a multidisciplinary research field and in this respect we borrow a lot of concepts and theories from other fields. However, imported theories have often been developed to understand fundamentally different phenomena, and theories are products of the time and place in which they develop. Each theory has its own history and assumptions on which it is based, and a mismatch between the basic assumptions in the theory and the phenomenon may result in inclusive or even incorrect findings and a misinterpretation of the phenomenon that we study.

Third, entrepreneurship research is highly related to policy and entrepreneurial practice, and there might be an assumption that the policies and practices are always the best available. However, history teach us that what is best for one place and time will not always work in other contexts, and policies and practices need to change over time.

With these arguments in mind, the research programme on “The Roots of Entrepreneurship Research” includes the following research projects:

Foundations of Entrepreneurship Research

Research Platforms in Entrepreneurship Research

That’s Interesting in Entrepreneurship Research

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