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Blockchain beyond cryptocurrency - Trendspotting@LU


Join us as we learn and become inspired by the current and future trends and opportunities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Find out more on blockchain beyond cryptocurrency at the event!

We have gathered an expert panel made up of researchers and students from across Lund University and our wider community to offer their perspectives. They will:
- add perspectives on the impact of blockchain tech on current and future business models and 
- thrash-out the consequences of the technology on our lives and how we can better prepare ourselves for the technologies of tomorrow.

The panel

Felix Kaysers and Karl Gullö, current students at the Master’s Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University.

Sign up!

For this event we have a limit of 100 places - please sign up using the Facebook link to secure your seat!


Utsikten (top floor) at Helsingkrona, Tornavägen 3H, Lund.

The doors open at 5.30 pm.

25 april 2018


Utsikten, Helsingkrona
Tornavägen 3H
223 63 Lund


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