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Social simulation workshop - SocSim Fest 2021


Using games in the field - A method to inform agent-based models

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Welcome to a digital workshop on how to use storytelling games and agent-based models for simulating how market behaviors perform under different monetary designs!


Juan Ocampo, PhD at Lund School of Economics and Managements (Sweden).

Game discussion by

Melania Borit, Associate professor in social simulation and game-based learning
at The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (Norway).

Workshop agenda


Introductions to Community Currencies by Juan Ocampo

A brief introduction on his research project: Organising money, engineering markets and the challenges of the planned field work. His research asks how does monetary design affect behaviors inside a community and how does communities socio-cultural relations influence the monetary design.

Part 2

  • Interactive roleplay

The simulation of a research design that combines a storytelling game and an ABM. In this interactive part of the session, assistants will play the roles of struggling merchants and imagine, create, and tell their market stories. Later we these stories will inform an ABM that will be demonstrated to the audience.

  • Discussion

A discussion about the Community Currency storytelling game, the ABM, the methodological setup, lessons learned from the simulation and how to further the exploration of Community Currencies.

Who can join the workshop?

  • Researchers interested in using games in research
  • Researchers interested in computer-based simulations, specifically agent-based models
  • People with interest in Community Currencies for Sustainable Development

The event is open to anyone interested.

What is the objective of the session?

To test the fitness of a research design based on the interplay between a storytelling game and an agent-based model for exploring the use of community currencies in a group of merchants in conditions of vulnerability. The results, discussions, and reflections from this experience will be used to adjust the method for future implementation in a real-life setting.

Sign up for the workshop

As the workshop is part of the larger festival SocSim Fest 2021 you need to choose the right workshop: "Using games in the field - A method to inform agent-based models", which is the last one in the list, when registering below. We will record the session, signing the consent for that is part of the registration process as well.

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*Agent-Based Models (ABM)
An agent-based model (ABM) is a class of computational models for simulating the actions and interactions of autonomous agents (both individual or collective entities such as organizations or groups) with a view to assessing their effects on the system as a whole. Definition from Wikipeda.

17 mars 2021


Juan Ocampo