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Sustainable fashion - Trenspotting@Lund University


We are a growing population - and the world population will keep growing. To be able to support everyone there is a huge need to be more sustainable in our everyday lives. Most of us are wearing clothes - so why not start there? This time at the Trendspotting @ Lund University we will be exploring the world of sustainable fashion. How can we work with the current norms and what alternatives are there? We will be listening to experts in the field, both as key note speakers and in a following panel discussion. The experts are researchers and practitioners from Lund University and our wider community that will offer their perspectives.

Keynote speakers

Ana Maria Vargas Falla, researcher affiliated to Lund University and director of research at Swedish International centre for local democracy. Her reseach includes the international labor market.

Johan Jansson, associate professor at the Department of Business Administration at Lund University who is researching in the field of sustainable consumption and pro-environmental customer values, attitudes, norms and behaviors.

The Panel

Elisabeth Gudmundsson, owner of the Malmö based Uma Bazaar, a fashion store focused on sustainable fashion.

Hanna Wittrock, Senior lecturer at the Division of fashion science, Lund University and at The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

Henning Gillberg, Founder of Repamera. A online business, that are offering mending services all over Sweden and wants you to mend rather than to buy new stuff.

Jian Chen Jephsson, founder of Future Fashion Collective and entrepreneur in the SoPact accelerator programme. Has previously been working with H&M in Sweden and in Asia.

The moderator 

Stephanie Smith, MSc in Entrepreneurship and founder of Pitupi.


Register by signing up in Simple Signup! We have a 100 partipant limit for this event, make sure to register! 

Join us at AF-borgen (Konsertsalen) as we learn and become inspired by the current and future trends & opportunities of sustainable fashion. Doors open 17.30. 

This event is supported by the Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs project. 

This seminar is part of the Trendspotting@Lund University series.

Trendspotting@Lund University is a series of seminars, panel discussions and workshops with the aim to showcase current and future trends which impact science, technology, society, art and the economy. VentureLab and Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University are the hosting organisations. 

We explore each topic with a multidisciplinary lens, and we welcome students from all faculties to attend.

30 October 2018


Sandgatan 2
223 50 Lund