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Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is top 5 in Sweden 2021!

Publicerad: 2021-01-27

We are extremely proud to find out that our Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship is the 5th most applied for, of all Master’s programmes in Sweden, for the autumn of 2021!

Photo by Felipe Santana on Unsplash.

This is according to statistics from the recent international application round where 1289 students applied for the programme. It really is a testament to the hard work for our teachers and the global reach of our alumni who I know actively represent the programme says Craig Mitchell, Programme Director of the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship & innovation.

Why is entrepreneurship needed 2021? 

Under times of uncertainly entrepreneurs are more important than ever and they will be needed to create and rejuvenate as they always have.

What makes the programme so special?

I take the opportunity to also thank the world class entrepreneurial support system around Lund and all our guest lectures who help us make the programme what it is says Craig Mitchell. With that said, we look forward to getting to know the 70 candidates that we will welcome in late summer!